AEFL Week Resources

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The following links are to toolkits NCL has developed or linked to for you to consider as resources in planning AEFL week in your state or program:

NCL has created a new fact sheet for organizations and individuals to use to link adult low literacy to income inequality and parenting:

NCL’s messaging can be customized for direct service providers, prospective donors, and policy makers and distributed for AEFL Week:

Check out World Education’s blog, The Well, for posts about AEFL Week.

Student stories and resources from NCL member organizations:

NCL’s spring 2015 webinars provide additional advocacy resources for AEFL week planning:

Webinar 1: Literacy, Numeracy, and Problem Solving

NCL webinar 04-10-15 slides

Webinar 2: Health Literacy Through the PIAAC Lens

NCL_PIAAC-Health-webinar_4May2015 slides

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