Tell Us About Your Plans for Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

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National Adult Education and Family Literacy week (AEFL week) is coming the week of September 26th!

AEFL week is an initiative that aims to raise public awareness about adult education and family literacy. The goal is to provide more resources and access to the 36 million individuals in the U.S. who need education or literacy help. Agencies all around the country use this as a time to advocate for adult education and family literacy to policy makers, the media, and their own communities.

Each year the National Coalition for Literacy tracks and publishes short summaries about the local, state, regional, and national events that are planned for AEFL week. If you are an advocate hosting an event, we’d love to let people know about it. You can share your plans with us by submitting this simple form. This year, we are hoping to have adult literacy advocates and programs commit to at least three AEFL week events so that we can raise visibility and boost support for adult education and family literacy initiatives. We are excited to hear all that you have planned!