Return on Investment

Colorado Investment Fact Sheet (Colorado Adult Education Professional Association, 2014)

How to Calculate Return on Investment (National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium)

Adult Education as an Economic Imperative  (World Education)

Willing to Work and Ready to Learn: More Adult Education would Strengthen Michigan’s Economy (Michigan League for Public Policy, 2015)

A Smart Move in Tough Times: How SREB States can Strengthen Adult Learning and the Workforce (South Regional Education Board, 2010)

Tax and Fiscal Contributions of Adults by Education level (Center for Labor Market Studies, 2014)

Return on Investment from Adult Education and Training (McGraw Hill Research Foundation)

Labor Market Impacts on High School Dropouts  (American Council on Education, GED Testing Service, 2011)

How Young Adults with GED Credentials Compare with Traditional High School Graduates (GED Testing Service)

Median Weekly Earning by Educational Attainment (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015)

Pennsylvania ROI (Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education, 2015)

Pennsylvania- Support Rationale for Increased Funding (Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education, 2015)

Minimum Wage Map (U.S. Department of Labor, 2016)

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