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Adult Education Supports Public Health

Adult education helps parents take better care of their families.

Health literacy, in particular, helps adults navigate the extremely complicated healthcare system in the U.S. Higher levels of health literacy are associated with more informed decision making, more preventative and maintenance health behaviors, improved self-care and advocacy, and improved communications between health care providers and patients.  People with greater health literacy are more likely to use preventative services to manage their health, incurring less high cost treatments at emergency rooms and hospitals to treat advanced complications of diseases. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

What’s the Issue?

Improving health literacy is an integral part of improving the health of the nation. The more people understand, the better health care consumers they can be. Learn more.

What Do We Need to Do?

We need to raise awareness of adult education issues nationwide, increase access to adult education services reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act now, and make adult education and family literacy an integral part of the solution in addressing national priorities.

How Can You Help?

See what quick actions you can take now to support adult education:

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