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Adult Education Helps Immigrants Integrate Into the U.S.

Adult education and English language instruction helps immigrants learn English, understand U.S. culture, and be an informed citizen.

English is the language of opportunity and community integration. For the 38 million foreign-born immigrants and refugees (Migration Policy Institute), gaining proficiency in English is critical. In 2008-2009, 1,051,730 people improved their English proficiency in adult education programs (National Reporting System, Table 4).

What’s the Issue?

English language classes through adult education are free to immigrants and refugees. Waiting lists for such classes are often months’ long. Learn more about immigration reform and adult education’s role. Get more facts.

What Do We Need to Do?

We need to raise awareness of adult education issues nationwide, increase access to adult education services reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act now, and make adult education and family literacy an integral part of the solution in addressing national priorities.

How Can You Help?

See what quick actions you can take now to support adult education:

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