Coalition Wraps up AEFL Week Happenings

Coalition Wraps up AEFL Week Happenings


As NCL wraps up the celebration of Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 2015, posted below are the happenings that reached the Coalition inbox through the weekend. A sincere thank you to all who participated in raising awareness and spreading advocacy for adult education during the 7th annual AEFL week!


District of Columbia:

DC street newspaper Street Sense featured So Others Might Eat’s Center for Employment Training (SOME CET) in Anacostia which aids people to “build the skills needed to obtain better-paying jobs to provide for themselves and their families.” For AEFL Week an Adult Education Panel discussion took place at Busboy and Poets store in Brookland on September 21. The feature author concluded, “Knowledge inequality is just as bedeviling a problem in Washington as income inequality. More public awareness and involvement can help more District residents improve their lives.”


Cumberland County Adult Education participated in the KAACE celebration of AEFL Week by “raising awareness of the under-educated and food insecure people” during September Hunger Prevention Month.


Coffee lovers drank to adult literacy at the first-ever Water Street Literacy Connection Benefit on September 26. Water Street Coffee hosted the “benefit featuring Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell and Janice Brown of The Kalamazoo Promise. Patrons could round up their purchases by $1 or more, and pledged” to “Team Bobby” or “Team Janice” in a friendly competition. All proceeds benefited adult literacy.

“We are supporting the Kalamazoo Literacy Council because it demonstrates the best qualities at work in our community: collaboration, dedicated volunteers, and a commitment to provide quality adult instruction and resources,” Hopewell and Brown stated jointly. “Through these efforts we are opening the doors for hundreds of adult learners who want to improve their skills.”

North Carolina:

On Friday, Burke County Literacy Council launched Adult Literacy Day of Giving — an effort to raise awareness about adult literacy and involve others as advocate, volunteer, or supporter.

“This is the launch for the giving portion of the campaign,” the council’s office manager Ariel Benfield said, and beyond funding, “we are trying to get more volunteer support as well. We are looking for volunteers for one-on-one tutoring, office and clerical help, childcare help and fundraising help.”

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