Calling for a Justice Department Committed to Civil Rights

Calling for a Justice Department Committed to Civil Rights

The NCL has joined a wide-ranging group of advocacy organizations led by the Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights in calling for the incoming Biden-Harris Administration to select an attorney general and senior Justice Department leadership who have demonstrated deep commitment to civil rights enforcement. NCL’s endorsement of the statement reflects its conviction that education is a basic human right.

The statement reads:

The Biden-Harris administration must make civil rights enforcement a priority, and the Department of Justice is a pivotal leader in that effort. We need an attorney general and other senior leadership who are committed to ending discrimination; addressing white supremacy and hate violence; and advancing racial, gender, disability, ethnic, religious, immigrant, and LGBTQ justice. We need leaders who understand the authority, processes, and mission of the department, and who will defend the bedrock principle of equal justice for all people in America.

We expect the department to be led with integrity, impartiality, and independence. Americans deserve an attorney general with a deep respect for the fundamental principles of liberty and justice for all, a demonstrated commitment to protecting and advancing the civil rights of everyone, and an unyielding dedication to transforming the criminal legal system.

We look forward to working with the new department leadership and holding them accountable to achieve these goals.

Read the list of endorsing organizations here.

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