Governance and Leadership

Governance and Leadership

The National Coalition for Literacy is a 501(c)3 charitable organization based in the District of Columbia. Its members are organizations that are active in adult education (including literacy and numeracy), family literacy, and related fields. There are two classes of membership:

  • Voting member: Voting members are nonprofit organizations whose work is national in scope and has a major focus on adult education and/or family literacy.
  • Associate member: Associate members are of two types: organizations whose work is regional or local in scope and focuses on adult education and/or family literacy, and organizations of any size whose work connects with adult education and family literacy activities and concerns.

NCL members meet twice each year, in the spring and the fall. When possible, the meetings take place in Washington, DC; currently meetings take place virtually.

Current NCL Bylaws

The NCL Board of Directors

NCL is directed by a volunteer Board of Directors that sets direction and strategy for the organization. Board members are representatives of NCL member organizations and professionals active in adult education and related fields.

Members are elected to the Board by the voting membership at the fall NCL members’ meeting. Board members serve three-year terms; no Board member may serve more than two terms sequentially. Board terms begin on October 1 of the year elected.

Current Board Members

Term ending September 2022

  • Carol Clymer, Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy and the Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy, Penn State (second term)
  • Rachel De Vaughan, Mississippi Community College Board (first term)
  • Thomas Nash, Maine Adult Education Association (second term)

Term ending September 2023

  • Thomas Cox, AAACE (first term)
  • Todd Evans, ProLiteracy (first term)
  • Regina Suitt, COABE (first term)
  • Gwenn Weaver, independent (first term)

Term ending September 2024

  • Cynthia Bell, Adult Numeracy Network and Literacy Assistance Center (first term)
  • Kevin Maher, American Library Association (first term)
  • Judy Mortrude, World Education (second term)
  • Eric Nesheim, Literacy Minnesota (first term)

Ex Officio:

  • Deborah Kennedy, executive director
  • Jeff Carter, senior policy advisor

Board Leadership, 2021-2022

  • President: Judy Mortrude, World Education
  • Vice President: Carol Clymer, Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy and the Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy, Penn State
  • Treasurer: Todd Evans, ProLiteracy
  • Secretary: Kevin Maher, American Library Association


Policy Committee Co-Chairs

  • Michele Diecuch, ProLiteracy

Board Resources (current board members only)

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