Adult Education and Family Literacy Week Activity Report

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Adult Education and Family Literacy Week raises public awareness about adult education and family literacy in order to provides more resources and increased access to basic education for the 36 million US adults whose need it. Advocates across the country use this opportunity to raise the visibility of adult education and family literacy nationwide for policymakers, the media, and their communities. This year's AEFL week is from September 24 through 30.


The National Coalition for Literacy tracks local, regional, state, and national AEFL Week events and news, and publishes summaries of those activities on our website. You can help us -- and help publicize your activity -- by completing this form and letting us know about what you are planning. This year we are hoping that adult literacy advocates and programs can commit to at least three AEFL Week activities.




By joining the AEFL Week, your organization makes a commitment to do at least three of the following activities September 25-October 1, 2016 and to report back to NCL what you did, how it went, and your perception of what impact it had if any.


 Please indicate which activities you plan to do by clicking on the relevant bullets:


Publicity/Contact Permission


Please refer to the AEFL week resources on the NCL AEFL Week website pages for more guidance.