Social Media Activities and Messaging

Social Media Activities and Messaging

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Follow @NCLAdvocacy and #AEFLWeek for National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week news. Even better, tweet about adult education and family literacy yourself! Raise awareness of adult education and family literacy among your followers. Here are some sample tweets you can use/adopt:

Adult Education, Jobs and the Economy

  • Workers with HS diploma and above are less likely to be on gov’t support, saving states and federal gov’t money. #AEFLWeek #adulted
  • College degree gap needs to be filled by adults currently in workforce. Not enough HS grads to meet demand. #AEFLWeek #adulted
  • Adult Education supports jobs and the economy. #AEFLWeek #adulted

Adult Literacy

  • 36M adults in need of raising basic reading & math skills. Get the facts about #adulted: #AEFLWeek
  • 50–80% of adults in #adulted may have a learning disability, explaining in part why they were not successful in public schools #AEFLWeek
  • ~ 85% of all people w/learning disabilities have difficulty reading (Natn’l Institute of Child Health & Human Development) #AEFLWeek

Family Literacy

  • A mother’s reading skill is the greatest determinant of her children’s future academic success, outweighing all else #AEFLWeek #famlit
  • There is no substitute for the parent’s / primary caregiver’s role as a child’s 1st teacher, best coach, & most concerned advocate #AEFLWeek
  • Teach the parent; reach the child. Support family literacy programs. #AEFLWeek
  • Teaching parents reading strategies increases child’s language and literacy outcomes. Support family literacy programs #AEFLWeek
  • This is where online resources can also come in handy for those who need to brush up on their literacy; these days we are so lucky to have access to the continuously advancing technology industry and the likes of e-books and kindles. Downloading books online to read is now easy, and to have a whole book in a compact format, being able to store so many in one place is an excellent feature. And even if there is a book that someone wants, which is not legal to download in the area, there are ways around that as well with the many forms of Pirate proxy available. So really there is nothing standing in the way except the motivation to drive yourself to read.


  • Preserve and invest in adult education. #AdultEd drives economic mobility for adults & families and economic recovery for America. #AEFLWeek

Health and Health Literacy

  • Health literacy programs raise adults’ understanding of medical problems b4 they become critical = medical cost-savings #AEFLWeek

High School Dropouts

  • Students who drop out tend to earn less and have a lower quality of life. #AEFLWeek
  • Many HS drop-outs must work multiple jobs just to support their family. C more adult literacy facts: #AEFLWeek

Immigration and Integration

  • Adult Ed helps immigrants integrate into the U.S. See more about #adulted’s role: #AEFLWeek
  • Limited English language proficiency is a barrier for immigrants to meaningful employment in the U.S. #AEFLWeek
  • English language proficiency is critical to obtaining jobs commensurate with immigrants’ competencies. #AEFLWeek


  • #AdultEd lifts people out of #poverty: Higher salaries, good job opportunities, higher savings, better working conditions. #AEFLWeek

Return on Investment of Adult Education

  • #AdultEd benefits the economy: Increased tax revenues, business productivity, consumption, decreased public assistance. #AEFLWeek
  • #AdultEd benefits people: Higher salaries, better job opportunities, higher savings, improved working conditions, prof. mobility. #AEFLWeek

Workplace Literacy

  • Adult workplace literacy programs help workers gain new levels of skills as new demands arise. #AEFLWeek

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