Adult Literacy Information

Adult Literacy Information

Basic Literacy Resources

Adult Learner Leadership in Education Services (ALLIES) – mixed methods leadership study (Research Allies for Lifelong Learning, 2016-2017)

Why No Literacy Programs for 30 Million in U.S.? (Remapping Debate, 2013)

Adult Literacy @ Your Library (American Library Association)

National Literacy Directory (National Center for Families Learning)

Reading and Standards (National Center for Families Learning

Money Management (National Center for Families Learning)

Data on Educational Attainment (NCHEMS Information Center)

Characteristics of Early High School Dropouts (Data Point, U.S. Department of Education, 2015)

High School Equivalency Needs (National Council of State Directors of Adult Education, 2015)

Priorities for adult education (Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy, 2012)

5 year trend in adult education data (Research Allies for Lifelong Learning, 2012)

GED testing statistical data (GED Testing Service, 2013)

High School Non-completers at age 26 (Research Allies, 2014)

Wonderopolis (National Center for Families Learning)

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