Economic Inequality

Economic Inequality

Raise the Floor and Build Ladders: Workforce Strategies Supporting Mobility and Stability argues for rebalancing workforce development strategies to improve the lives of low-wage workers. The brief calls for the workforce development field to explore and support workforce interventions that encourage career mobility and help ensure basic economic stability.

A featured article from Open Door Collective, No One Left Behind, by Steven Reder and John Comings, outlines the commitments the next administration must stress in order to prepare adults at the lowest levels and English language learners for success in community college in order to prepare for the workforce. The Open Door Collective assists poverty reduction initiatives to take advantage of, expand, or improve adult basic education services to meet the needs and broaden the economic opportunities of low-income adults.

Choosing Our Future takes a new look at the magnitude of the crisis of opportunity in America and its long-term implications. The authors examine the powerful forces governing the distribution and intergenerational transmission of opportunity.

Women and Financial Literacy white paper (ProLiteracy, 2013)

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