Family Literacy

Family Literacy

Changing the Course of Family Literacy (Goodling Institute, 2017)

From Theory to Outcomes: NCFL’s Two-Generation Movement for Families (NCFL, 2016)

Help Adults Help Their Children Climb the Literacy Ladder (COABE, 2014)

Basic Family Literacy Facts (NCL)

National Literacy Directory (National Center for Families Learning)

Family Trails (National Center for Families Learning)

Reading and Standards (National Center for Families Learning)

Healthy Family Habits (National Center for Families Learning)

Briefs on Family Literacy (Goodling Institute)

Research on Family Literacy (National Center for Families Learning)

Annotated Bibliography of Family Literacy Research (Goodling Institute)

The Importance of Diversity in Library Programs and Material Collections for Children (American Library Association, 2014)

ALSC Initiatives and Special Projects (American Library Association)

Wonderopolis (National Center for Families Learning)


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  1. Book Angels is a program that places classroom libraries in elementary schools In Chicago in a ten year period, we delivered 2.2 million books for over 200 schools.. (we got them from book drives in suburban schools.) Principal,teachers and Arne Duncan has praised the program. A no cost we are offering to interested school systems our Volunteer Tool Kit. We’e made phone calls and sent letters – but hardly any takers – I believe they think there is a “catch” to it. Suggestions??? (Program is now in Chicago, Charleston, Boston.)

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