Census 2020 Resource Links

Census 2020 Resource Links

Overview Guides and Information

2020 Census Fact SheetsU. S. Census Bureau
Libraries’ Guide to the 2020 CensusAmerican Library Association
TMI Briefs: The CensusThurgood Marshall Institute
What Is the Census?NALEO Educational Fund
Census Operations Series, Part 1Census Counts

How People Are Counted

Conducting the CountU. S. Census Bureau
Webinars and issue briefs on how different populations are countedCensus Counts
Census Operations Series, Part 3Census Counts
2020 Census: Reaching an Accurate CountArab American Institute
Will You Count? Latinos in the 2020 CensusLeadership Conference Education Fund
Will You Count? American Indians and Alaska Natives in the 2020
Leadership Conference Education Fund
Will You Count? Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the 2020 CensusLeadership Conference Education Fund

Census Jobs

Want to Join the Gig Economy? Join CensusU. S. Census Bureau
Job QualificationsU. S. Census Bureau
Pay & LocationsU. S. Census Bureau
Census Operations Series, Part 2Census Counts

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Resources for Programs

Community Outreach ToolkitU.S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Taglines, Logos
Available Now for 12 Non-English Languages
U. S. Census Bureau
Complete Count CommitteesU. S. Census Bureau

News and Advocacy

The Census Project BlogBlog on advocacy activities
Stakeholder ToolkitThe Census Project