Census 2020 Resource Links

Census 2020 Resource Links

Overview Guides and Information

2020 Census Fact SheetsU. S. Census Bureau
Libraries’ Guide to the 2020 CensusAmerican Library Association
TMI Briefs: The CensusThurgood Marshall Institute
What Is the Census?NALEO Educational Fund
Census 2020 Fact Sheet
English and Spanish
NALEO Educational Fund
Census Operations Series, Part 1Census Counts
What to Expect in the Mail
(description and timeline)
U. S. Census Bureau
Technology FAQs
(cybersecurity, data security)
Census Counts

How People Are Counted

Conducting the CountU. S. Census Bureau
Webinars and issue briefs on how different populations are countedCensus Counts
Census Operations Series, Part 3Census Counts
2020 Census: Reaching an Accurate CountArab American Institute
Will You Count? Latinos in the 2020 CensusLeadership Conference Education Fund
Will You Count? American Indians and Alaska Natives in the 2020
Leadership Conference Education Fund
Will You Count? Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the 2020 CensusLeadership Conference Education Fund
Brief on the Race and Origin
Center on Poverty and Inequality,
Report on Administrative Records
in the 2020 Census
Urban Institute

Census Jobs

Want to Join the Gig Economy? Join CensusU. S. Census Bureau
Job QualificationsU. S. Census Bureau
Pay & LocationsU. S. Census Bureau
Census Operations Series, Part 2Census Counts
2020 Census JobsCensus Outreach
(Community Connect Labs)
Census Jobs Hiring GuidanceKeystone Counts
Memo on Census jobs and public

“Income derived from temporary Census Bureau employment will not affect eligibility for nearly all forms of government assistance.”
Keystone Counts

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Census basics materials:
Am I Required to Respond
The Census Questions
Avoiding Fraud and Scams
Census Takers in My Neighborhood
U. S. Census Bureau
Fact Sheet on Race & Origin
Center on Poverty and Inequality,
YouTube video collection
English and Spanish informational videos
U. S. Census Bureau
The U. S. Census videoVOA Learning English
What’s the Census and Why’s It
So Important?
NBC News Explains
Guidelines for Partners Supporting Self-Response
for assisting adult learners with completion of the Census form
U. S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Adult English Learner Activities
The Census and Apportionment
How the Census Helps My

Celebrating Diversity in Our

What’s Next?
U. S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Adult ESL Educator
U. S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Resources for Adult
U.S. Citizenship Podcast
2010 Census Adult ESL Teaching GuideU. S. Census Bureau
Discussion on Digital Literacy to
Prepare Adult Learners for the
2020 Census
LINCS Community

Resources for Programs

Community Outreach ToolkitU.S. Census Bureau
2020 Census Taglines, Logos
Available Now for 12 Non-English Languages
U. S. Census Bureau
Complete Count CommitteesU. S. Census Bureau
How to Find Your Nearest Complete Count Committee videoU. S. Census Bureau
Digital Organizing Training Series
“A set of five trainings that teach
digital organizing skills to
strengthen census outreach to hard-to-count communities.”
Census Counts
2020 Census Communications
NALEO Educational Fund
Community Engagement Materials and ToolkitCount All Kids Campaign
Census Toolkit
For reaching hard-to-count
Census Outreach
(Community Connect Labs)
Hagase Contar!
Training materials for parents and
teachers, and social media
outreach kit
NALEO Educational Fund
Social Media Toolkit for

Many young children living with
their grandparents were not
counted in the 2010 Census.
Count All Kids
How to Access a Data Profile About Your Community Using Census
U. S. Census Bureau

News and Advocacy

Counting for Dollars 2020
The role of the decennial census in
the geographic distribution of
federal funds, with state-by-state

George Washington University
Institute of Public Policy
Census 2020 Hard to Count Map
Interactive map that allows
searching by state, county, Census
tract, ZIP code, Congressional
City University of New York
2020 Census Anomaly Case MemoLeadership Conference Census
The Census Project BlogBlog on advocacy activities
The Census Could Undercount
People Who Don’t Have Internet
Slate (Jessica Rosenworcel)
Stakeholder ToolkitThe Census Project