Pledge To Be Counted Prizes

Pledge To Be Counted Prizes

In early summer, NCL will ask individuals and organizations that take the Pledge To Be Counted to report back on their activities and level of outreach. NCL will award prizes to the individuals and organizations that record the greatest levels of outreach in relation to their size.

Levels of outreach can include the following:

  • Percent of adult learners (in a class or a program) who completed the Census themselves
  • Number of persons from outside the class or program who used program facilities to complete the Census
  • Breadth of reach of Census promotional activities carried out by the program or class

Prizes may include the following materials:

  • The 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners: Adult Education and Workforce Development (TESOL Press)
  • Teaching Adults: A Literacy Resource Book (New Readers Press)
  • Teaching Adults: A Math Resource Book (New Readers Press)
  • Teaching Adults: An ESL Resource Book (New Readers Press)
  • Meeting the Challenge of Teaching Information Literacy (American Library Association)
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