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Using Social Media to Build Your Base of Support

The National Coalition for Literacy (NCL) is pleased to share with you its results from its research with Fission Strategy on using social media for advocacy:

Since 2009, NCL has invested in building its digital capacity, focusing on developing and growing an online Advocacy Clearinghouse and Toolkit, integrating technology and new media, and conducting communications outreach. 

In 2010, NCL contracted with Fission Strategy to conduct social media research exploring the question,
How can we use social media to strengthen our base of support within and outside of adult education?

After researching the blogosphere (over 200 million blogs) and studying NCL’s (then limited) social media use, Fission recommended strategies for NCL to increase its advocacy base. Since implementing these innovations, NCL’s overall web presence (website, toolkit, and blog) grew over 700%.  (See Figure 1.)

connect chart

NCL has also increased the number of subscribers to its e-update list, manages a Facebook and LinkedIn page, and is active on Twitter.

We continue to roll out improvements based on Fission’s research for NCL.  We thank Fission Strategy for their work and we hope other adult literacy programs find these reports (linked above) instrumental in growing their advocacy base of support.


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