Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Resources

Resources from NCL

  • AEFL Week Fact Sheet linking adult low literacy to income inequality and parenting
  • NCL messaging specifically designed for direct service providers, prospective donors, and policy makers that can be distributed for AEFL Week:
    • Direct Service Providers
    • Donors
    • Policy Makers
  • NCL’s summary of key points from the OECD report Time for the US to Reskill? and fact sheets on the return on investment for adult education (based on PIAAC data)
  • You may also want to use the content from NCL’s two spring 2015 webinars in your advocacy activities:

Resources from NCL Members and Affiliates

American Library Association webinar Libraries at the Intersection of Adult Education, Family Literacy, and Digital Equity on Wednesday 23 September 2020. See also the free online course Adult Literacy Through Libraries. The course is designed to help literacy providers, librarians, and library workers nationwide develop and advocate for accessible and innovative adult literacy services and resources.

COABE September Advocacy Week resources and tools for scheduling and participating in virtual Capitol Hill visits during AEFL Week. This webpage includes state fact sheets and legislator talking points; a campaign video; links for sending messages to legislators; guidance on joining a state team; and much more. Visit the COABE website for more information on the need for adult education.

National Center for Families Learning report Transformative Parent Leadership and School Engagement. This report demonstrates how participation in family literacy programs increases parents’ self-efficacy and their leadership skills. Visit the NCFL website for more resources and information.

National Skills Coalition fact sheet Adult Education: A Crucial Foundation for Middle-Skill Jobs. Visit the NSC website for additional fact sheets and resources.

ProLiteracy fact sheet Adult Literacy Facts and white paper The Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education. See also the templates for customizing information from the PIAAC Skills Map for your local area, and visit the ProLiteracy website for more resources and information.

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School Student Success Stories and video Achieving the Dream

TESOL International white paper A Principles-Based Approach for English Language Teaching Policies and Practices. Visit the TESOL Advocacy Action Center for more resources.

Follow the World Education blog The Well for posts on current topics and concerns in adult education, and see the World Ed website for more information about the importance of adult education in the United States.

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  1. “A mother’s education level is the greatest determinant of her
    children’s future academic success, outweighing other factors such as
    neighborhood and family income.”

    Powerfully true!

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